4 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Road Bike

Road bikes are bicycles made to be used on a pave road, usually in a city or town, as opposed to mountain bikes which are instead made to be used out in the country side, on dirt roads, and so on. Typically, if you want a mode of transportation and don’t plan to go out of the city too much, a road bike is a good choice. But even if you’re decided to get a road bike, there’s things you should know, and differences between the various models.


Here’s four things you should know before you buy a road bike

quality of the construction

The first difference between the various brands and models is the quality of the construction. Unlike say a car, the differences in bikes can be much greater, because you deal with much less hardware between yourself and the road. If the frame, for example, is made of cheaper aluminium rather than stainless steal, it will quickly become appearance, and your bike may not last as long. So part of the money you put into a bike goes to pay construction, and it’s best not to go for something that’s too cheap.


The design is also an important factor between the various models. Road bikes used to only be used for transportation, so the look of the bike was rather basic, but now we have models that have wide arrays of looks and styles, and you can get some very nice looking bike if you look around some, and get something that’s made following the current fashion.


If this is your first bike, then there’s some basic concepts you should know about. First, most road bikes come with a number of speeds. These are how hard it will be for you to turn the pedals, and in turn the bike will go faster with less efforts. It’s not uncommon to see 21 or 26 speeds bikes, meaning you can select any of these speeds with a small handle on the grips. This can be very useful if you have to go up hills, because it makes it easier on you to handle these slopes, without sacrificing your speed on normal roads, simply by changing speed. The speeds are actually linked to the back wheel, through a chain.


Another important thing to note is that this chain, along with the wheel at the back, are the two things that have the highest failure rate, so getting a bike of quality starts with having a quality chain. There’s nothing worse than having a chain that breaks in the middle of a trip, because then the bike becomes useless, and it happens.

Overall, when you look for a new road bike, these are some of the things you should pay attention to. Sales people can of course help, but you should do your research about whichever model interests you first, see reviews and user comments, and find out if people have success with that bike, like any other purchase that you would make.

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