Diamondback Edgewood & Kalamar Hybrid Bikes

Diamondback Edgewood & Kalamar Hybrid Bikes


The Kalamar and Edgewood are more efficient than a comfort bike and more comfortable than a road bike.


These hybrids combine the same relaxed contact points of a comfort bike with the smooth rolling 700c wheels of a road bike. The comfort of these hybrids starts with the frames.  They have a low standover height for easy on-off and classic geometry for predictable and stable ride.


Kalamar Hybrid Bikes


The Kalamar has a strong high-tensile steel frame with a twist shift 3 x 7 drivetrain and a Shimano TX55 Rear Derailleur.  The squishy 50-millimeter suspension forks smooths out the ride and the oversized dual-foam saddle makes it easy on the new rider.


2016 Diamondback Edgewood hybrid bikes


The Edgewood is built on a lightweight formed alloy frame and has a 3 x 7 drivetrain with the Shimano TX55 Rear Derailleur.  The addition of a 63 millimeter front shock, a comfy suspension seat post, a comfort saddle and an adjustable stem makes the right combo for bike path.


Remember these three points, these hybrids are driven on 700c wheels, they have an upright geometry and low standover making them easy to get on and off.  With squishy front suspension and oversized comfy saddles, these bikes are all about comfort. Thanks for reading and happy riding.

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