How to find the right sized Mountain bike

How to find the right sized Mountain bike


How to find the right sized Mountain bike – Mountain bikes are a fantastic fun way to explore the rugged off-road terrain and if you’re in the market for a new bike that you plan taking off road it’s important you choose one that’s the right size for you. Why?

Well let’s put it simply.

Having the right size bike is not only safer but you’ll get maximum performance and efficiency when you’re out tackling those tricky tracks and off roads.

Where it’s vital you’re in complete control and feel comfortable. Plus a well sized bike also puts less strain on the joints, letting you ride longer and harder. When sizing yourself up for a mountain bike, the first thing to do is take a note of your inside leg measurement. This information allows you to find exactly what size bike you need according to our sizing chart.

right sized Mountain bike


How to find the right sized Mountain bike for Women


Women’s bikes are designed to be more compact to fit a female body geometry. So remember measurements are gender specific.

As far as mountain bikes go, if you’re male, have a 27 to 30 inch inside leg, you’ll need a 16 to 17 inch frame.

If you’re a lady, you’ll be looking for a round about 14 to 15 inch frame.

If you’re inside leg is between 30 and 33 inches, the male riders will need 18 to 20 inch frame with female riders requiring 16 to 17 inch frame.

Inside legs of 33 to 37 a male riders should be looking around about a 20 inch frame with women leading 17 inches of frame.


Also there are several forms of mountain biking. So if you’re down hood rider, you have very different needs to those of cross country cyclist and these are all factors which have a bearing on which type of bike you should go for and how you measure it up.

So please keep this in mind.  You’ve also got to take into account personal variation as you may have a book or below average inside leg in relation to your height.

It can go down to personal preferences and comfort. But ultimately finding a well fitted bike should result in you having relax shoulders and a slightly bent elbows along with your knees been ever so slightly bent at the bottom of each pedal stroke.  If you are unsure about the exact size you need, then it’s vital to try out a few bikes as your own body can vary and how you feel on the bike is the most important factor.

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