Hybrid bikes vs. Road bikes

Which bike should you choose, Hybrid vs Road b

Hybrid bikes vs. Road bikes – I am actually going to show us the difference between a hybrid and a road bike, so what do we have as far as a bike here today.

First of all, this is our Quick Carbon model, hybrid basically use flat handle bars, they are having straight out and have these ergonomic grips in the ends of those so your hands are straight out to the sides and are a very comfortable position.


Hybrid vs Road – Road bikes

Most road bikes we have what we called drop bars.  It allows for a number of different hand positions on the bike, just riding with hand on the hoods or in the drops, it is going to put your hands forward and it is going to push you out further because this is further distance away than the straight section of the handlebar.


Hybrid vs Road- differencies

Now the objective with hybrids is that it’s pretty even in a more upright position and it is easier on your back, it is easier on any kind of arms strength and flexibility issue that you might have, so in general hybrids are putting you in a more relaxed, more comfortable position to do a wider range of things than just riding quickly on the road.

So the other key difference here is also in the seat.  Hybrids often come with a different type of seat that is ment for achieving that upright position and you are sitting far away back in your seat.  This is wider, it has a nice padding there for you, and the 3rd chief difference is in the wheels.  These come standard with a much wider type of tyre than most road bikes have.  This is about twice as wide as the road bike we are going to see in here, so what that allows you to do is ride on more surfaces that are uneven pavement, black pavement, things like that, gravel.  All those things that you might not take a road bike on or maybe you hesitate before you are going on those type of roads.

Well, I think that pretty much wraps it up for the difference themselves.

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