Lamborghini Rapido Road Bike Review

Lamborghini Rapido road bike is a best-buy based on price/relative quality. The first thing I noticed was how light the bike is, I didn’t expect it to be so light but it was a nice surprise. This is a good beginner’s road bike because of the low price, if you go into a retail bike store you won’t get out of there for less than 5 or 6 hundred dollars for a beginners road bike.

I’ve had this bike for about 2 months now and have had no mechanical issues with it. It came in the box about 95% assembled and it took about 10 minutes to put the rest of it together is easy as long as you have a set of metric allen wrenches.! I was on the road in a matter of minutes.

I am beginner cyclist, and this is my very first road bike, and I must say this bike is easy to operate. Once I got used to shifting gears up and down hills and matching speed, riding it was a breeze. Lamborghini Rapido is a great road bike for the money. The shifting is smooth, the bike is light for its class, it’s very fast (I have reached up to 26.2 MPH so far and I just started biking), and is a smooth and comfortable ride.

My 2000 dollar bike riding friends are jealous of the seat and how comfy the ride is. That is saying something! This bike has fat tires for road bikes, less flats, and more grip. This bike is awesome!! It was easy to put together b/c it came mostly assembled, and the gears worked perfectly right out of the box!

It’s only been a couple months with less than 50 miles on the bike, and so far so good. So I recommend this bike to any novice rider who wants to enjoy having fun and getting a good exercise in at an affordable price. Lamborghini Rapido is great road bike, cheap and affordable, sturdy frame, yet pretty light, smooth gear shifting, reliable and very fast.  I highly recommend it!Enjoy!

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