Power Beats Review- The Best cycling Headphones

Power Beats Review- The Best cycling Headphones

The Best cycling Headphones – In this article I want to write about my headphones that I actually use when I’m out riding. I’ve just been testing out these Power Beats that I got, and I’m going to talk a little bit about them right now on this article.

So I’ve been wearing these headphones, I’ve been testing out a lot of headphones over the years. I’ve used just about every pair out there that you can imagine, and I finally found a pair that I like, the best that I’ve ever used and it is these Power Beats. And I wear these things, I’m using the actual wired Power Beats, and I’ve actually tested the wireless Power Beats and I didn’t like those things at all. Wearing them, I didn’t like the wireless headphones because they would actually crack and skip and miss all the time; and so I went back to the wired ones right here.


The Best cycling Headphones – listen to music while you’re riding


I pick these things up on Amazon for less than $140 I believe. I think they are somewhere around $130. And the wired ones, they can be a little more inconvenient but the one thing about the wired headphones is you know they’re never going to go dead. And I had the wireless ones, tested them out for a little bit, and forgetting to plug them in, I had them go dead once on a ride and that’s just about as annoying as it possibly can be is not being able to listen to your iPhone or listen to your music while you’re riding.Power Beats Review- The Best cycling Headphones


The inconvenience of having this wire is well worth the trade off of knowing that you’re headphones are actually never going to go dead. I actually just take them and string them through my jersey right here so the wire actually isn’t swinging free and doesn’t get in the way of anything. It’s a little bit of a trade off – the wireless ones just wrap right around your neck. And it’s kind of cool to have the wireless ones, but that little clicking and the missing just absolutely drove me crazy.


The Best cycling Headphones – the most important thing


I got a waterproof case, which is really nice, that this thing goes into. And it has a plug that’s waterproof that actually hooks right into the headphones. And these Power Beats just come right out. I’ll show you the ones I got right here. One of the thing I really like about these things a lot, and probably the most important thing to me, is to have headphones that aren’t actually going to fall off my ears. When you’re actually riding down hills, on the ride I was just on just now, I got up to about 58 miles an hour on this one downhill section.

And if you’re using just in-ear headphones that don’t wrap around your ears, they have a tendency to actually blow off. And I actually like the type that actually wrap around your ears like this, and it’s just a lot more secure for riding. And I’ve had the ones that don’t wrap around the ears before actually fall out and get tangled in my front wheel and just tore them all up and mess them up.


The Best cycling Headphones – key thinkgs


One of the key things that I like about headphones:


  1. They need to be wrapped around earphones like this.
  2. With these Power Beats, another thing is I want headphones that actually have really clear music that isn’t fuzzing and cracking and stuff like that.


When you’re riding there is a lot of wind, especially going downhill and it’s really annoying to have to listen to the wind instead of your music. And these things actually cancel out a lot of the wind and you’ll hear hardly any wind at all, especially in high speeds going downhill; and you don’t hear it at all on the flats.Best cycling Headphones


But they actually play really, really clear music and I haven’t had any issues with them at all. They do have an extremely long cord right here that’s got an adjustable neck piece right here that can make it tighter around your neck, which is nice and convenient. But the cord is enough to actually string through your jacket and all the way that I actually just keep my iPhone right in the back of my pocket right here.



The Best Headphones – where to buy


So of all the headphones I’ve actually tested working out in the gym, riding my bike, and just out and about in the car and everything, these are actually the favourite ones I’ve ever used. And Power Beats is just simple. They actually had this model right here. I went down to Walmart and they were actually $179 and I purchased the things; it’s actually ridiculous, the price. And I went back out on Amazon and found them a lot cheaper. I think the wireless ones are around $180 at Walmart, but if you just go on Amazon you can find a lot of that stuff, cycling components and just a lot of other stuff, electronics and stuff, extremely cheap; a lot cheaper than you can find them at a retail store.


So you got to give these things a try, Power Beats right here for riding and listening to your music while you’re cycling.

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