Road bike vs Hybrid bike

Road bike vs Hybrid bike

Road bike vs Hybrid bike – Today we will help you make a selection of over hybrid bike in terms of model, size and

Hybrid between a mountain bike and road bike.  They’re going to have the smooth bigger wheels like the road bikes, but a bit nicer position than a road bike. A little bit more comfortable like a mountain bike.

If you only have one room, one spot in the garage for a bike. This is going to be the bike for you. It’s going to be a best of both worlds. You won’t be disappointed.


Hybrid bikes – the base model


So there is going to be different levels of these hybrid bikes. The base model perfect for most people. If you’re just going to be going to grab some errands you don’t need a bike all the time you just need a bike every once in a while.  Steel frame, seven gears, 700c wheels. That’s going to be a little bit bigger than most mountain bikes. And then they’re going to have no suspension which a lot of people don’t need just because the roads are quite smooth and the suspension adds weight and you lose efficiency.

If we go up a step in the hybrid bikes we’re going to be looking at very similar positioning on the bikes. but as  well we’re going to be gaining is normally a couple more gears, so better gear choices as well as everything is made bit more durable.


You’re shifting to be a little crisper. Your wheels are going to be a little stronger. Your cranks, so that’s where your paddles are attached to. All the gears just going to be one step up. Last a little longer, in terms of maintenance may be a little bit easier.


Hybrid bikes – the highest-end model


The highest-end hybrid bikes are going to be pretty much a road bike with a flat handlebar rather than the drop handlebars.  You’re going to be almost as fast as a road bike, just slightly different position.  They’re going to have a carbon fiber fork as well as a very similar gear choices as a road bike. Road bike gears a little harder than the hybrid gears, just because normally you’re going to be going faster.  We’re going to have hybrid bikes that are going to be very performance-oriented. More of a performance hybrid.  Road bike vs Hybrid bike


They’re going to be very similar to our road bikes. Aggressive positioning, pretty much get you to work quite fast. But relatively comfortable. Then we are going to have bikes on the opposite end of the spectrum.  They’re going to be a bit more comfort.  So they’re going to be some of them maybe has some back or neck issues they’re going to put in a much nicer upright position that’s going to be great for the shorter distances. As well as on frames, we do have stems that are adjustable. so although the bike may not feel perfect,  with a couple of tweaks we can adjust the seat height, we can adjust the handlebar  height, we can adjust the seat forward and backward on a set of rails as  long as we get the proper frame size we should be able to make the bike work for  you.


Hybrid bikes – brakes


Most hybrids are going to have V brakes. They are going to be the classic break in either side pinched together. Tried and true, they’ve been on mountain bikes for a while. Now mountain bikes have been going to bit more powerful break. But a bike like this doesn’t need those. Those disc brakes, the V brakes work perfect for them.  That’s all you need. But high level hybrid will have disc brakes if need be.

Hybrid bikes, most of them are going to have a 700C wheel.  It’s going to be same circumference as the road bikes we saw earlier.  The one big difference is that the actual rim is going to be wider. Which means we’re going to have a wider tire, normally with a wider tire you run a little bit lower pressure. Which is going to be a smoother ride.

It’s not going to be as efficient as a road tire. Road tires are normally on 23, 24 mm wide.  These tires are going to be closer to 30 millimeters, 35 millimeters with that larger surface area bit more traction and that lower tie pressure a little bit smoother ride. And then you can also choose to have a tireless. It’s going to have a bit more tread.


Hybrid bikes – brakes


Say you’re going to be on the gravel a little bit more. Compared to completely slick like a road bike tire just a little wider. Hybrid bikes are going to have very similar gear systems as mountain bikes. The rear derailleur on a mountain bike and the hybrid are going to be pretty much identical. You can get the same quality derailleur and they’re going to have the same range of gears.

From a very small one for those hard down hills or if you are going fast along a path to a bigger range. In the back and then in the front gears it’s going to be very similar to a road bike. Meaning that cogs going to be a little bit bigger. You can get those high speeds like a road bike.

So a lot of people look at these bikes and they see that there’s no suspension on these bikes, which you don’t need. but it is an option to get a suspension  seat post that just to give you that little bit extra cushion when you’re  riding down the trail.


Hybrid bikes – size


Once you’ve decided that you want to go for that certain type of bike now we’ve got to make sure you get the right size for you.  Mountain bikes and hybrids, they come normally in frame sizes in inches.

So we can get a 14 inch, you can get a 16 inch, you can get 18 inch and the best way  to check that is using a device like this to check. I am here going to demonstrate how to check pretty much you pull up the  bar until you can’t anymore and then there’s the numbers on the side here and it gives me phrase inseam and I can use that  information to gauge what size frame would be suitable for him.

We want your seat to be at a good height.  We want just a slight bend in the knee and don’t want it to be too extended. I could probably actually put, I seat up a little bit right now.  But we want to be full extension but we don’t want it to be too high where he’s rocking in the hips.

There are some people who are going to be six feet tall and a longer upper body and some people are going to be six feet tall and very long legs.

One person might ride on an extra-large size frame but someone might be on a large size frame to compensate for these things.  This piece here is called Stem long for some have longer arms just to give them a bit more room. As well as the seat that he’s sitting on is on a set of rails that can move backward or forward.  Depending on his position.


Duel: Road bike vs Hybrid bike


I’ve found a lot of people have a big, I guess it would be a debate between if they should be buying a road bike or a hybrid if they’re commuting to work.  I like to think of it, if you’re going to be using this bike besides community to work. If you’re going to be going on the weekends to get exercise, going to the, going to the local trails or bike paths and riding hard I’d probably go for a road bike.  Just because it is a bit more aggressive position.  Bit more made for the exercise and then the hybrid is going to be better for, it’s going to be a bit more upright position, a little bit Stable at a slower speed just because it has those wider handlebars and has the wider wheels.

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