Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz Mountain BikesSanta Cruz is one of the biggest brands of mountain bikes across the globe. Their first ever creation came in the form of the famous, ‘Heckler’ ten years ago. Since then bike enthusiasts have fallen for this brand. Santa Cruz bikes enjoy one of the highest numbers of loyal customers all over the world.


Their latest Blur XC has created waves everywhere. With VPP lightweight suspensions and all new carbon fibre design, Santa Cruz models have redefined the concept of Gen-X Mountain bikes. It is one of the lightest ever bikes with an astounding acceleration, superb climbing performance, unmatched stability, great design geometry and an incredible flex-resistant frame.

The ‘Driver’ series is meant for daily adventures. Designed with 8 inches of Gen-X VPP travel, 7 inches of flexible seat movement and a solid chassis, the Driver series is a must try for every enthusiast. Many of us will be amazed to know that this bike is multi role vehicle. From a daily duty DH Racer to a park bicycle, free ride bike to a heavy duty hucker, the Driver series is surely a priceless possession.


Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes – Quality


How many of you like a perfect sledgehammer for clearing big obstacles? The BULL IT is the answer to such terrains. Designed like a rock solid brick-house, this bike has an impeccable handling, heavy duty aluminium frame, heavy disc brakes, suspension and a massive 20mm pivot axle.

Juliana, Stigmata, Nomad and Heckler are some of the other highly renowned brands of Santa Cruz Mountain bikes.

In a nutshell, the Santa Cruz bikes have added a whole new dimension to the pleasant and adventurous experience of mountain rallies.

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