Schwinn Mountain Bikes

Schwinn Mountain Bikes


Schwinn Mountain Bikes – The Schwinn Mountain bikes have continued to be one of the most favoured road rashes around the globe. Since the boom in 60’s and 70’s, the sale statistics have never looked down. With sales almost doubling every year, the Schwinn series bikes have managed to capitalize one of the largest market segments in the United States and other continents.

What is so special that makes the Schwinn an instant pick? Schwinn enthusiasts around the world are enchanted by the 700C n’Litened gold label custom designed frame which is light and strong. The availability of multiple sporty colours makes this bike the favourite among its fans.


Lightweight lowers designed in this stainless steel are the perfect instruments for an adjustable preload. Anodized wheels with powerful spokes suit well for all kinds of rough terrains. Moreover 21 gears with Pro twist shifters make the overall ride experience quite smooth and comfortable.

An adjustable stem, heavy tensile steel handle-bar and all weather touring tyres make this bike one of the best in its segment. Carefully designed tyres provide the ultimate grip on the road and the presence of a power modulator is always an added asset.


Schwinn Mountain Bikes – designed for all


From kids to professional mountain bikers, Schwinn bikes are one of the favourites among all. A new advancement in the form of spring brakes and metallic chain guard make this vehicle much more attractive.

Despite tougher competitions than ever in the segment of mountain bikes, Schwinn series continues to rule the mountain roads with utmost ease.

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